Find the Best Lightweight Stroller in 2019

Many people when they first have a baby forget to invest in a good stroller. Looking for a stroller that fits the budget after the clothing, food, diapers and furniture is difficult but with the right resources, also fun. Every body that is in the market for a stroller is looking for something specific, whether it is a stroller to jog with or just a lightweight stroller to take to the mall.

Whatever the need, there is a stroller for everybody. The convenience of a stroller is that it reduces the amount of strain on you while you are shopping by securing your baby from being lost, carrying your packages and freeing your shoulders from a baby bag.

A stroller has a storage compartment located under the baby seat and some are equipped with extra storage pockets in addition to a handy parent organizer, which is located in the handlebars. It all depends on how much storage you feel that you need in your stroller.

# 2 Chicco Lightweight Stroller – Best Compact Stroller

Chicco is a well known company in the baby products industry. They provide high chairs, car seats, toys, and of course baby strollers.

In their stroller lineup you will find a model to suit just about any growing family’s needs. From the Liteway umbrella to the All Terrain S3, and even the Trevi Twin you will find a lot of quality at an affordable price.

A compact stroller is one of the most important tools to carry along when travelling or moving around with your child.  If you want to travel with your little one or you are always on the go, getting the best stroller for your kid is a necessity.

We are going to take a look at the Best Compact Stroller
in the market today – the Chico Capri lightweight stroller. If you have not heard about this product before, then you don’t know much about strollers. This travel companion has been recognized worldwide as the newest innovation of lightweight travel strollers for kids. Let’s consider the features of the product to find out what makes it so popular.

Chicco Liteway Stroller

The Chicco Liteway Stroller is a lightweight and durable baby stroller with all the features you need as a parent today. While they may not be as well known as some of the other brands of strollers they do have a full lineup.

Their models offer quite a bit of value for the relatively low purchase price. Many of the online customer reviews we found were positive with the parents being appreciative of what the Liteway Stroller has to offer.


Chicco Capri stroller is designed in Italy and made with Iodized aluminum ultra material. What does this mean? Iodized aluminum is one of the lightest components used in the manufacture of home equipment and travelling kits.

It is a special kind of aluminum that looks extremely lightweight but feels tough. Because of this design, this stroller weighs only 11 pounds. That should be a record, isn’t it? You will have to do a lot of research to come across any stroller that is as light as this one. Even though you find one, they may not be as strong as Chicco Liteway.

Another interesting feature of this product that seems to sink well in people’s mind is the plush nature of the seat. The seats are really stylish and designed to be reclined in two distinct positions to help your baby seat comfortably.

Don’t think that a stroller as small as the Chico Liteway shouldn’t have many features. If that’s what you think, then you are very wrong.

It accommodates even a canopy which will keep the hash penetration of the sun away from your child.  Too much intake of the sun UV light is not healthy for your baby.

The manufacturer of this product knows this, which is why they attached a canopy over the seat to serve as a protective shield against the sun. Moreover, there is a snapping mechanism attached to help you easily remove the canopy in case you want to clear up some space.


Below are some of the reasons why this stroller is in high demand

  • It provides great comfort
  • It’s easy to fold
  • It’s lightweight and is designed stylishly
  • It’s easy to transport or carry when folded


  • It may not be suitable to carry a weight of more than 40 pounds
  • The crotch/harness strap is not adjustable
  • It’s not ideal for taller toddlers


The Chicco Liteway Stroller is a very compact stroller suitable for kids weighting below 40 pounds. If you want something that can carry larger weights, this travel companion may not be for you. However, if you are okay with the weight capacity of the stroller and wouldn’t mind the harness strap not being adjustable, then you may never have a better bargain than the Chicco Liteway stroller. It’s durable, comfortable, lightweight, and above all, very affordable.

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# 3 Baby Trend Expedition – Best All Terrain Stroller

If you are looking for a new stroller that is simple enough to use but safe enough for your infant or toddler then you should look at the Baby Trend lineup.

Their motto is that their strollers are easy to use, with the features that a modern baby stroller should have. Specifically, their products are easy to fold, quite sturdy, give a smooth ride for any child, and come with an affordable price.

These qualities make them one of the best known companies in the baby product related business. They have several single, double, triple, lightweight, umbrella, and jogging strollers to choose from as well as multiple travel system options.

The Expedition jogger is a baby stroller that is designed for those active parents. Having a child can really limit the time you have for exercise and other activities. Jogging strollers are built to allow a mother or father the ability to spend time with their little one while getting some exercise and fresh air. The Expedition provides many of the features you need from a stroller in a package that is built for speed.

Baby Trend is one of the more recognized names in the stroller industry. Parents have grown to trust their brand, resulting in a large following of loyal customers. When you buy a stroller you want one that not only keeps your children safe but also has the features you need as a parent.

This is sometimes not the case with a jogger as many companies sacrifice usability in their design. The Expedition is different in that it behaves like other standard strollers but rides like a jogger.

The main features include a locking front wheel with remote release, 16 inch rear and 12 inch front wheels, infant car seat adapter that works with many brands, parent tray with two cup holders, ergonomic handle for more comfort, adjustable canopy with sun visor, and a multiple position reclining seat.

In addition to these features you also know that your baby will be safe with the 5 point safety harness.

The Baby Trend Expedition is a jogging stroller with all the features you need as an active parent today. While some of the other joggers are heavier, this model is built using lightweight steel. Your child will ride in comfort and you will have no problems pushing it at any speed you wish. You can maintain your active lifestyle while still spending quality time outdoors with your child.

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# 4 Bob Revolution – Best Jogging Stroller

The main goal of Bob Strollers was to design a quality jogging stroller for many types of terrain that would fold up easily to fit into a small space. They are one of the best at bump dampening suspension systems, leaving you less tired and your infant or toddler more comfortable.

Their baby strollers come in many different categories like lightweight, all terrain, and more general purpose products in both the single and double styles.

Their founders have even tested their joggers on their own children to make sure they performed to what they would expect as parents. Because of this attention to detail, Bob strollers are among the most innovative products you can buy today.

The BOB Revolution is an all terrain stroller stroller that can be used at home while your are running in the park or simply walking around town. It was designed to give you a balance between a standard walking stroller and a jogger. In our opinion it’s the best all terrain stroller currently on the marlet in 2019.

Most jogging strollers work well for what they are designed for, or specifically for carrying your child while you are running behind it. The Revolution goes further in that you can easily use it for much more.

BOB is known throughout the industry for innovation in their products.

When you buy a stroller from them you are getting a well thought out design with the features you need as an active parent.

The main consideration is safety for your little one and this is something the engineers at BOB take seriously. Their Revolution can travel at high speeds while keeping your baby strapped in securely.

Some of the main features of this jogger include:

  • 12 inch, swiveling front wheel with a ball bearing headset for a smooth ride
  • Suspension that can absorb bumps and uneven pavement in such a way that your baby will remain safe and secure
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that is rugged enough to handle many conditions
  • Easy to use two-step fold up for when you are ready to store it
  • 5 point, adjustable safety harness to keep your little one strapped in (meets ASTM safety standards)
  • Easy as a bicycle for you to push at just about any speed you can run
  • Various pockets to hold toys, snacks, and juice cups

Just because you have become a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up your active lifestyle. The BOB Revolution jogging stroller makes it simple for you to take your baby with you for that afternoon walk or run through the park.

The larger wheels can handle a variety of terrain and the shocks will soak up the bumps. The engineers set out to build a stroller that is versatile enough for today’s busy households.

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# 5 Baby Trend Sit N Stand – Best Sit and Stand Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand is a very versatile double baby stroller. It is an ideal choice for those families that have a toddler as well as an infant. The toddler can stand in the back on the platform to get a better look and then sit down in the seat when they are tired. It’s a great design for the active child.

Baby Trend builds strollers that appeal to a wide variety of families. Whether you have one, two, or even three children they have multiple models to suit your needs.

The Sit N Stand is a unique stroller in that it allows one child to remain strapped in while another can just hang on for the ride. Even though it has this different design, this model has many of the features you are familiar with from other popular baby strollers.

Some of the main features besides its’ unique design include a foot activated rear wheel breaking system, infant car seat adapter that accepts most brands, five point safety harness to keep your little ones securely strapped in, large storage basket underneath the stroller that will hold most of your necessities, and a covered parent organizer with built-in cup holders. You can also fold the Sit and Stand up very compactly when it isn’t in use by using only one hand.

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller has a unique design that is effective at keeping your two babies occupied and safe at all times.

It works great for the active toddler who doesn’t want to be restrained by a traditional seat. Most strollers require the child to sit at all times but not this one. If you have a young infant as well as an older sibling then you should take a hard look at this model.

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# 6 Evenflo Pivot – Best Travel Stroller

Evenflo is one of those companies that are widely known in the baby products industry. They build high chairs, car seats, toys, and of course strollers. With a rich tradition of providing a lot of value for the money, you know they are a brand you can trust.

Mostly positive consumer reviews will tell you why they have such a loyal customer following today.

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel Stroller is a mid sized stroller from a widely recognized name in the baby products industry. It was designed to provide complete comfort for your child and complete convenience for you as the parent.

When researching strollers it is important to find a model that has the necessary safety features to keep your little one secure at all times. Evenflo as a company has a lot of knowledge in this area.

The Evenflo Pivot has a well thought out design and makes the best lightweight stroller for travel that we gace found, with some of the features you might be familiar with and some that you might not.

One thing that is unique is a full sized, removable wet wipes dispenser. If you have ever spent time with a toddler then you know how handy this will be.

Wipes are constantly needed to clean up a variety of messes. This shows how much thought Evenflo puts into their baby stroller lineup.

Main Features Of The Evenflo Pivot

  • Easy one hand steering
  • Retracting child’s tray and oversized parent console holds multiple cups
  • Large wheels and suspension give a smooth ride over various surfaces
  • 3 and 5 point safety harness will keep your child safe and secure
  • Covered storage compartment can hold keys, snacks, and smaller toys
  • Removable wet wipes dispenser
  • Can be used as a travel system with their Embrace infant car seat (sold separately)

The Evenflo Pivot mid sized baby stroller gives parents a lot of helpful features without draining their wallet. Such things as ease of steering and a smooth ride will really give both you and your child an enjoyable experience together.

You will spend a lot of time away from home so it makes sense to find a stroller that fits your needs. By doing research you will increase your chances of making the best choice.

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# 7 Kolcraft Cloud

Kolcraft strollers are a great option for those parents who are looking for a stylish, versatile, and modern baby stroller. They have been building quality baby products since 1946 and have a very robust lineup today.

The kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller baby stroller has a unique design to give your child a lot of comfort for the duration of the ride. This is accomplished by using their floating seat, which has extra suspension and can face in either direction.

It is definitely a stroller with modern functionality and one that can take future strollers in a whole new direction. It’s nice to find a model with the features that you as a parent can really appreciate.

Kolcraft is becoming more of a household name in the baby strollers industry. They have several models to suit a variety of growing family’s needs. You can find lightweight umbrella strollers, tandem double models, and the Contours Options 3 wheeler for single child use.

Not only is the Options a very unique looking stroller but it is also quite functional, with all the features you need as a parent today.

Main Features of the kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller

  • Seat that will either face rearward so you can keep an eye on your infant or forward to allow your toddler a better view
  • Floating seat with suspension gives your child a very comfortable ride over a variety of terrain
  • Fully reclining seat to help with nap time
  • 8″ front wheel will swivel for maneuverability, 12″ rear wheels make pushing the stroller very easy
  • Sunrider™ canopy is easily adjustable for any weather conditions
  • 5 point safety harness will keep your baby safe and secure
  • Large storage basket can hold most things you need as a parent

The kolcraft cloud plus lightweight stroller has a very modern look and as you can see, all the features you need to keep your child safe and comfortable at all times. While it is not the cheapest of strollers in terms of price it certainly isn’t the most expensive

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# 8 Graco Strollers

Graco baby strollers are known as quite durable with an affordable price tag, available at a variety of online and local stores. They have many different stroller models, each with its’ own set of features. You can find lightweight models like the Metrolite, full sized models like the Quattro Tour, and double models like the DuoGlider. They are among the best known baby strollers in the industry.

Graco SnugRider Elite Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller

The Graco SnugRider infant car seat stroller frame is an ideal option to take your young baby on the go with you. It works in tandem with one of their SafeSeat™ or SnugRide™ car seats (sold separately) to keep your little one safe, secure, and comfortable. You can simply lock their seat into place and use it like a stroller with the advantage of not having to remove your child from the seat if they are napping.

Since it is so lightweight, even with one of their seats attached, it is quite maneuverable. The front wheels can swivel or lock in place and the extra suspension smooths out the bumps. These features provide a comfortable ride for any sleeping infant. Plus you can easily push the SnugRider with one hand if necessary.

Main Features Of This Model

  • Durable frame will securely lock a SnugRide™ or SafeSeat™ car seat in place
  • 1 hand compact fold-up design with automatic storage latch
  • Height adjustable handles for parent comfort
  • Front swivel wheels are lockable, wheel suspension for a smoother ride
  • Oversized storage basket for all of your essential baby gear
  • Two handle cup holders are ideal for your coffee, keys, or cell phone

The Graco SnugRider stroller frame is an excellent way to safely transport your infant or newborn baby without the need to remove them from their car seat. It is lightweight, easy to push, and folds up much more compact than similar sized strollers. It is a very cost effective alternative and a great idea for when your child is really too small for something like an umbrella stroller. One thing to note is it is only compatible with a Graco SnugRide™ or SafeSeat™ car seat which is not included. You can, however, purchase these as a package to save money.

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# 9 Joovy Baby Strollers

Joovy has a full baby stroller lineup with models that can suit just about any growing family’s needs. Their strollers are innovative in design and still maintain the affordability that parents look for. One example of their innovation is their popular Caboose where an older toddler can stand in the back while their younger sibling rides in the front.

Joovy Scooter

The Joovy Scooter is an ergonomically designed single baby stroller that really steps out from the competition. It comes with most of the features found on today’s strollers but also some that are unique to it. Safety and comfort were primary goals of the engineers but they also wanted something that parents would really enjoy pushing. The Scooter not only handles like a dream but it also comes with a surprisingly low price tag.

Joovy has always been known as an innovative baby stroller company. If you look at some of the strollers in their lineup you will see just what that means.

For instance, their Caboose double and triple models allow an older toddler to safely stand on the rear platform while their younger sibling remains seated in the front. This is a great design for any growing family. The Scooter is a smaller single model with many unique qualities of its’ own.

Main Features Of The Organic Scooter

  • Ergonomic push handles provide the ultimate in comfort for those long trips
  • One hand reclining seat with unlimited positions including near flat for that quick nap
  • Light reflective 5 point safety harness is adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Oversized weather canopy with a retractable sun visor provides excellent coverage
  • Bumper can also be used as an infant car seat adapter for many popular seats
  • Seat and canopy are made of the super durable 600D fabric
  • Parking brakes are linked for uniform stopping
  • Large storage basket will hold many parent and baby items

Our Thoughts On It

The Joovy Scooter is an innovative single baby stroller from a company that is well known and respected throughout the industry. With such features as the ergonomic handles, reclining seat, and oversized canopy both child and parent will be comfortable for the entire outing. Overall it has world class, ultra modern looks to go with the great functionality that is built in. This makes it a great value when compared to the other single strollers today.

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# 10 Graco Verb Click Connect Stroller

Graco Breaze stroller is the lightest stroller you will ever get in the market. This does not by any chance disprove its sturdiness or durability. It is, in fact, designed with high quality materials that provide great comfort for your kid. With 4.5 ratings on Amazon and a price of $144, you may not find any other stroller with such a high quality at such a ridiculous price. Below are some features of the product you’ll love to know about.

Graco Breaze stroller is steadily designed to provide the best comfort needed for a stroller.  Apart from this strong design, it can be easily reclined to almost any degree you choose. That’s the beauty of having an innovative product at your side.

How about a sunshade feature? Yes, this stroller has an attached large canopy which provides protection against the sun. In sunny days, you won’t be afraid of the damaging effect the sun rays can cause on your child’s skin. This is because the Graco Breaze comes with a shadow protection canopy which guides against such problem.

Other great features of the product I’ll not fail to mention include a carry trap, single foot brake, 5-point adjustable harness, adjustable leg rest, and added seat back. The seat back is to provide comfort and help your child relax better on the stroller. With all these features, you can’t possibly find a better stroller offered at such a very considerable price.


  • It’s very light and quite easy to fold. Folding this stroller is as easy as you will ever get. With one hand and a little flip of the lock, the umbrella automatically folds. You can even hold your child on one hand and fold the stroller with the other hand.
  • The foot rest is another feature you will love in this stroller.
  • The company also took their time to include a nice carriage under the seat of the stroller to help you keep some important stuff while strolling with your little one.


  • The seat back is a little bit shorter. This may not be suitable for an older toddler
  • The automatic lock does not have a very strong design


These days, parents don’t want to be bothered by heavy luggage especially when they are too focused to look after their babies. Items with the most compact design are better preferred than the bulky ones. Fortunately, the Graco Breaze stroller is designed to make it easier to carry or manoeuvre wherever you go. This is why it has gained a lot of popularity in the market. Whenever you are looking for a light stroller that’s compact and provides great comfort, the this stroller is a very good option for you and your kid.

Do not forget that the Graco Breaze stroller, despite its features, is sold at a ridiculously low price.  So, if you are looking for a more affordable stroller that keeps your child comfortable on the seat, you may not be getting a better bargain than the Graco Breaze Click Connect stroller.

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Finding the Best Lightweight Stroller

When most people discover that they are about to be parents, one of the first daydreams they have is pushing their little one in a baby stroller down the street.

Baby strollers have become an icon for parenthood. They are also one of the most important and needed items for any parent.

A baby stroller can help ease the stress of any parent. The right stroller can help keep parents active and social. Those parents who have more than one child need to have a double stroller for their little ones. There are strollers made for twin, triplet, or quad children. These strollers are no longer a specialty item.

They also make double strollers for children of different ages; they are available in a side-by-side model or the front-to-back (tandem) option. The best strollers can come equipped with accessories such as an umbrella, sit and stand features or a 4 tire with a reversible handle. Be sure to pick up some stroller toys to entertain the baby while out on long walks.

The best double strollers come with built in saftey features. Look for weight and height restrictions before buying.

The most convenient baby carryall

Many companies these days are also producing travel systems that convert from stroller to car seat to baby carrier without much extra cost or fuss.

This is a good first stroller for those parents that don’t have excessive amounts of storage space in their cars or in their living arrangements. It contains ample storage space for the trip out and reduces storage space needed when one returns home.

Most of these travel systems are affordable and come LATCH compatible. LATCH is Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children; it is a program that most car companies are integrating into car construction, which makes car seats safer and also more convenient to install properly, which reduces injury and death.

All in all the new innovations within the stroller industry has made the stroller the most convenient baby carry all.

The Most Important Baby Accessory

Strollers are the most important baby accessories when shopping. They carry all the things that you’ve purchased, the supplies needed to keep your baby happy while keeping your baby safe as well.

Strollers allow you to stop in the food court of the mall to eat because when the seat is in an upright position, most baby strollers convert into a comfortable high chair.

Most strollers also fully recline so that your baby can sleep while you do your running around, which allows for more playtime later.

Strollers allow for you to walk with your baby when you need to get out into fresh air, or if you are unable to steal the car from your partner to do your errands. Strollers come in many shapes and sizes according to your needs.

Whether it is that you value function and buy one of the travel system strollers that convert into a car seat and baby carrier or that you are an athlete trying to get back into shape and require one of the many available jogging strollers. The point is to accessorize according to your lifestyle.

Having a baby will inevitably change your life but by educating yourself on strollers and purchasing the right one you can resume many of the things you enjoyed before your baby was born while including them in your everyday outings. Strollers are not a requirement of having a baby but they are a needed accessory for a busy lifestyle that includes your baby.